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戦い! ----- jAPANESE iNK : anime/manga icon awards' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
戦い! ----- jAPANESE iNK : anime/manga icon awards


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my nominations [Saturday
July 1st, 2006 at 6:16pm]

Wow! This was really hard! How to choose from all the gorgeous icons? How to remember where I saw that one great icon? Now I know to keep a lookout. :)

llamafaaace's nominations...Collapse )
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extension [Saturday
July 1st, 2006 at 6:11pm]

well guys, since friday came and went and we only got one set of nominations, i'll extend the nominations deadline until next friday. please participate! we need all your input for this community to take off ^_^

~your mod, carla.
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nominations are open! [Monday
June 26th, 2006 at 12:55am]

[ mood | energetic ]

hey everyone! it's now the first hour of monday where i am, so it's about time to open up our first nominations period! yay!

just some reminders:

1. all icons must be anime/manga. doujinshi icons can be accepted too, as long as they have to do with an existent series.
2. you can nominate one of your icons for each icon made by someone else that you nominate. you can only nominate three icons by one other icon-maker (this is to keep the nominations evenly distributed).
3. all icons nominated must fit LJ size/weight requirements. (under 40KB and 100x100px or smaller).
4. don't take any of the nominated icons. there are other communities for that, like animeicons or good_animeicons.
5. you can nominate one icon for two categories, but it will count as two nominations. it will also count as two nominations if you nom more than one icon in one category.
6. you can only nominate 20 icons per voting session. also, please upload the icons you want to nominate to your own server (photobucket or imageshack will do!), as we do not want to steal our beloved iconmakers' bandwidth.
7. when posting nominations you must put the username of the maker next to every icon.

make sure you know what is accepted in each category before you nominate!!

i'll be making banners for the categories that don't have any yet throughout the week. please remember that you can still help me out with the category names, it would be appreciated greatly.

now vote away! you have until friday night/early saturday morning ^________^

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10 members! & some mod talk... [Thursday
June 8th, 2006 at 12:41am]

[ mood | happy ]

hi guys! i'm glad to announce that we have reached 10 members! at this rate, i'll probably open nominations period next week-- so start looking for those icons! we'd still like more people to join, so please pimp our comm in any way you can! a good idea is, when nominations finally open, drop a comment in the icon-makers' journals letting them know you're nominating one (or more) of their icons here. it's good publicity ^-^

i've been tinkering with the info page these days and i'm still not too happy with it =/ but it'll do for now. and i'm still worried about the categories-- we need names!! and i can't come up with any!! T_T help me out here, guys... i'm pretty sure you can have better ideas than me. so please give me suggestions for the category names. the banners will look really weird if the categories they represent don't have names. help me! please? prettypretty pleaseplease??? *puppy dog eyes*

i've also been looking around for affiliates, so if you have an icon test/awards community that you'd like to affiliate with this one, drop by our affiliates post.

let's keep people joining! the action will start soon.

~your mod, carla.

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Affiliates Post [Saturday
June 3rd, 2006 at 3:39pm]



if you'd like to affiliate with japanese_ink, please leave a comment in this post. don't forget to link back to us!
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new banners [Monday
May 29th, 2006 at 12:43pm]

[ mood | excited ]

hey guys! i'm glad to see people are joining ^_^ this is just a wee bit of a community update.

i made some banners for the categories that have names already. you can see them here. however, i'm going to need you guys' help with this, because i can't think of names for the other categories and so i can't make banners for them yet ^^;;; anyone have any ideas? you can see the categories here.

please promote this community if you can! we're hoping to start nominations soon but we need more members! so please, tell people about this! we'll love you forever if you do ^.^

~your mod, carla.

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Category Information [Thursday
May 25th, 2006 at 7:50pm]

we'd like for all our members to have as few problems as possible when nominating icons, and this list is just for that. please read through it before nominating, to see what fits and what doesn't fit in each category, and pay attention to the tips given within.

1. aishiteru: best couple/shipping/romantic icon

basically you can nominate any icon that depicts a romantic or sexual relationship between two characters. the couple doesn't have to be canon, it can be het, shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, whatever you want, as long as it has to do with love (you know, the characters are hugging, kissing, looking at each other longingly, they may be not even looking at each other as long as there's SOMETHING, like text for example, that suggests a romantic relationship between them). don't just nominate any icon with two characters in it. also, think about it very carefully when nominating an icon that depicts a one-sided love affair-- it might work better in the "emotional icons" section.

2. sweatdrop: best funny icon

this category's pretty self-explanatory, yeah. just make sure you know the difference between an icon that pokes fun at a certain character and an icon that's character-bashing. we don't want to offend anyone here.

3. best emotional icon

this is where you nominate icons depicting a strong emotion. people usually go for really sad icons, like where the characters are crying or something along those lines, but remember that sadness is not the only strong emotion: there's anger, shock, happiness... just as long as it's not a "romantic" icon, it will probably fit well here.

4. best cropping

you crop an image when you take a part of the main focus of the icon out of the icon and only focus on a certain other part. for example, you have an image of your favorite character which you want to make into an icon; well, you rotate it somehow and set your character to the side and it turns out half of his/her face ends up not showing in the icon-- this allows you to focus on other parts like your character's eyes, or cheeks, or stuff like that. THAT is good cropping. it is NOT considered good cropping if you just move your main focus around (as in, you don't leave it in the center) but the whole of the character can still be seen in the icon. i know it's hard to understand-- if you need examples, check out this tutorial by lollobrigida, i'm sure you'll get it then.

5. mahou: best use of color

if you see coloring in an icon that you think is awesome, go ahead and nom it here. colored manga icons count too, as long as it was the icon-maker the one who colored the thing and he/she didn't just crop an already-colored manga scan. manga characters that have been pasted over a colorful background and then worked on can be accepted, however be very careful, because if they don't show any more work than just taking the character out of the manga scan and pasting it on a background the icon-maker just downloaded from someone else, they might be rejected. it is up to the mods to decide whether the nomination is valid or not. please DO NOT nominate black and white icons with only a splash of color (b&w except for the eyes, or for the lips, or for the clothes, or just under the text), those belong in the black and white category.

6. best black and white icon

as the name says, any icon that's black and white-- not necessarily manga, it could be an anime b&w icon. icons with just a little splash of color are also accepted.

7. best use of text

here you nominate icons that have exceptionally aesthetically pleasing text design, placing or if the text in the icon fits exceptionally well with the image. please don't nominate funny text icons here-- we're going for lyrical, quote and such. the text might even have nothing to do with a song or a quote as long as it inspires in us the feelings the icon was meant to portray. please DO NOT nominate icons containing only "tiny text" or text brushes in this category-- the idea is that the icon-maker put thought into the text and didn't just download it from someone else.

8. best textless icon

this category includes any icon that has no text in it. tiny text also counts, anything as long as it's not readable by most people.

9. best animated icon

this is pretty self-explanatory, too. ANY animated icon should first be considered for this category-- EVEN if it's emotional, EVEN if it's black and white, EVEN if it's textless. animation has preference over any other detail in the icon when it comes to nominating.

10. special category

every week a different topic will be chosen by the mods to fit in this category. it can be series-specific: "best karekano icons" or something along those lines; it can be gender/race/group-specific: "icons of girls," "mecha icons;" it can basically be anything the mods come up with, and it will be better explained in each special category post. please keep in mind that the previous categories take precedence over this one... for example, if the special category is "best fullmetal alchemist icons," and you have a FMA icon that you think is awesome because of the way it's colored, then consider nominating it in the colouring category BEFORE you consider nominating it in this one.

11. best overall icon

just what the name says-- one icon that stands out of the rest, and not only because it has good coloring, or because the cropping is awesome, or because the text is neatly placed-- nop, it has to exceed in all the previous categories, or at least in most of them. EVERYTHING about the icon must be good or better than good. needless to say, leave this category for LAST.

if you have any questions, or would like to suggest a name for any of the categories, feel free to leave a comment in this post.
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