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japanese_ink's Journal

戦い! ----- jAPANESE iNK : anime/manga icon awards
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hello, all! welcome to the japanese_ink, a community for anime/manga icon awards!

this is an award community for anime/manga icons where you can nominate your icons and icons by others. this one goes along the same lines of communities like lost_awards, and alias_awards. if you'd like to join, just click on the "join community" icon up there.


note: this is still a work in progress. if you have suggestions for the names of the categories, feel free to leave a comment in the category info post.

1. aishiteru: best couple/shipping/romantic icon.
2. sweatdrop: best funny icon
3. best emotional icon
4. best cropping
5. mahou: best use of color
6. best black and white icon
7. best use of text
8. best textless icon
9. best animated icon
10. special category (will change every voting period)
11. best overall icon


1. all icons must be anime/manga. doujinshi icons can be accepted too, as long as they have to do with an existent series.
2. you can nominate one of your icons for each icon made by someone else that you nominate. you can only nominate three icons by one other icon-maker (this is to keep the nominations evenly distributed).
3. all icons nominated must fit LJ size/weight requirements. (under 40KB and 100x100px or smaller).
4. don't take any of the nominated icons. there are other communities for that, like animeicons or good_animeicons.
5. you can nominate one icon for two categories, but it will count as two nominations. it will also count as two nominations if you nom more than one icon in one category.
6. you can only nominate 20 icons per voting session. also, please upload the icons you want to nominate to your own server (photobucket or imageshack will do!), as we do not want to steal our beloved iconmakers' bandwidth.
7. when posting nominations you must put the username of the maker next to every icon.


1. the voting for each session will be posted by the moderator(s), carefully labeled and each member may only vote once.
2. you can't vote for your own icon.

timeline (US eastern time)

nominations (every two weeks): monday - friday night (until the poll is posted)
voting: friday night - sunday
winners announced: monday


see them here!



want to be an affiliate? drop us a line in the affiliates entry.

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other stuff

the base for our layout was designed by aswefly_graphix and modified by girls_are_weird. our header image comes from threadless t-shirts.

this group's moderators are girls_are_weird (icons @ wakizashi_) and hydrogen.

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